"This Sunday I had a profound worship experience, but it had nothing to do with the church services I attended.  It wasn't a walk in the woods, a sunrise by the sea, or a view from a mountain summit.  I worshiped by reading Morgan Patterson's breath taking new book:  Are You the Christ!

Patterson's call to worship is a challenging one - asking us to see the Christ in others, especially those who we would normally fear, ignore or revile.  In a series of photographs that accompany her short essays, Patterson shows us the faces of those who are unlikely saviors for others or for themselves.

The essays are interspersed with powerful poems by Sufi Master Hafiz, calling us to see God and encounter the divine in the rhythms of everyday life.

Of course Patterson also includes a few faces of the Christ that might be more easily recognizable - he husband, a spiritual teacher, a physician.  But it is the unexpected, unlikely ones that call to me more uregently, that challenge me to exam the ways in which my heart is not yet opened deeply enough, fully enough to welcome God - and myself- into holy communion.

Thank you Morgan Patterson for asking this healing challenging question."

Gail Dixon

(Speaker, Author, Coach and consultant)