‘Your True Life

I had my morning plans, Holy plans to start my day. Wake up-do my meditation and prayers, then go out to Unity Eastside and walk the labyrinth with 2-3 other woman. Certainly seems like a worth while and Holy start to my day. Well as we know our way isn’t always the Divine's way.

Instead I woke up with a migraine and nausea. I actually thought for a second, that I should soldier on, and yet I didn’t. I sent a text and asked for support in walking/leading the labyrinth walk, which was easily gotten. I took some medicine, which I’ve been known to put off, for unknown reasons. Shut the blinds and curtains and climbed back into bed, allowing and surrendering.

I repeated my healing prayers in a new way. I had read of a Jewish practice to read sacred scriptures by reading or repeating each word alone, not as a sentence, so each word gets our full attention. So that is how I repeated my healing prayers

Next thing I noticed is that words were being added, words like Sacred and even whole sentences, like “Eternally supported by my inner guidance.” Also “The healing” light of the Living Christ “Now.” So, I went along with the changes, repeating them, feeling them, knowing them to be true for me in that moment.

I then had a picture of an open book in my minds eye. I was paging through it toward the front. I knew I had written it, and as I got to the front cover I read its name. “Your True Life”. Well I must say I was more than a bit surprised. I have had a book floating around in my mind for years and this certainly wasn’t its title.

Well, lots of surprises for me this day. Following Divine plan instead of my own has given me some new things to contemplate and look at. I am intrigued and excited to see what this book is about. Excited about the changes to my healing prayers, which by the way worked, headache gone. And glad that I recognized that our lives truly are in Divine order. Breathe the Sacred into each storm and watch what shows up from behind those storm clouds.


PS. Here is the Healing prayer “Florence Scovel-Shinn“ and Spirit in my life.

I am a Sacred spiritual being. Eternally supported by my inner guidance. My body is perfect, made in his image and likeness.

The healing light of the Living Christ, streams through each and every cell in my body NOW. I give thanks for my radiant health.

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