The Very First Step

This seems like such a very strange name to this blog, and yet it is really the only place to start. I have been coming upon my blogs from our travels over the last 6 years, starting with the 500 mile pilgrimage on the Trail to Santiago in Spain, when I turned 60. I had tried to go the year before but that was not to be, so instead the perfect timing was the next year, my 6th decade. So why now do I start this blog with the very first step? It has taken me 6 years from that momentous walk to be courageous enough to know that I have something to say and a deep knowing to share. Oh my, did I just write that? Well yes I did and yes I will continue to fill in these blanks. There is a very deep part of each of us that has been knocking on our doors our whole life. Secret little scratches, and sometimes the sounds of a jack hammer. But none the less, ever since we were little tykes, toddling around in awe of this world we found ourselves in, till today at 66 the knocking has continued. Who am I truly? What am I here to do? Am I imagining that I have something to say, or is there really something important to share? So that is why this name, The Very First Step. Putting myself out in the world, becoming vulnerable which is either way way scary or pretty darn exciting. I'm going to go with that last one, exciting.

Today is my first day of blogging. I hope you will find it interesting enough to return and lets see where this takes us. Hopefully learning a lot more about each other and especially ourselves. There is a continual life unfolding around each of us. We spend each day at least I do mostly lost in unconsciousness. Going from place to place, thing to thing, without ever seeing the beauty and wonder around me. Even sitting right here at my computer, there is a magazine with the most radiant colors peaking out from under a book entitled How to know God, beside a lavender journal of my grandsons. Yes I could easily slide right by their appearance right at my elbow, which I must confess I have done more times than not over the last few months, of working on this computer. And yet today being the very first step, I will take you and me on this guided inner journey which just happens to start right here on the outside. I stop what I'm typing, turn my chair just slightly to the right and take a slow deep breath. Breathing in feeling the breath of life filling my lungs and noticing it work its way to the tips of my toes. Just stop now while your reading this and take that breath yourself. Notice its entirety. Coming into your nose sliding softly down your throat and filling your lungs. Now imagine it is a warm and soft light as it enters. And also imagine it leaves your lungs traveling through the thousands of miles of blood vessels, caressing each and every cell, and atom in your body. Carrying oxygen and nutrients, like I said to the tip of your toes. Ahhhhhhhh inhale. Now, I exhale, join me, allowing our bodies to relax and release any and all tension and let it gently slip noticed out of the soles of your feet. Easing its way into the earth, flowing around rocks, and roots, boulders and underground rivers, making its way to the heart of the earth. Receiving from whom or what ever you choose to call that which is actually breathing you, and then giving back in return to the earth, to that which our human forms are actually created out of. So we have stopped for just one breath. We have taken a moment in our soooo busy day to notice that we not only have a human form, but we also have been given the opportunity to recognize the wonder and awe of this body and the world we live in. Notice now that you have taken the time to stop for a breath or two what you see around you. Can you use the eyes of a child and look with wonder at what is sitting on your desk, or in your yard. Again a beautifully colored magazine, a lavender leather journal, or a book about knowing God. Those are in my line of site.

The very first step, stop, breathe and recognize the beauty and wonder that surrounds your every moment. And so it is Buen Camino and Aho

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