Day two the Second Steps

I wasn't sure there would be a second blog post on day two, yet here it is. I have spent the day working with podcasts I am learning from, starting the day with my meditation and inner landscape work, thanks to Licia Berry, and last but not list spent a couple of hours at a barn with a great big walking horse, Tulip. I had a bit of a time going to sleep last night as the words for this blog kept running their selves through my brain. Now those very same words have been long forgotten. Forgotten in sleep and also just living my day.

I have spent the last 3 weeks following an eating plan that has eased my mind from constant worry about what to eat next, to a timer that reminds every two hours to fuel this human form. I have spent most of my life flying by the seat of my pants. The life I've led, the work I've done, required me to move quickly with purpose but never knowing what was coming next. The biggest place where this was always true was the emergency room. Being an RN for 25 years in the middle of chaos, required the ability to fly, sometimes literally by the seat of my pants. Raising two than four children also calls for that same ability. Full time RN and full time mother and wife. I know you understand what I mean. So eating which is my one addiction, which of course has added way too many pounds has also been a flying expedition. Is breakfast the biggest meal, lunch or dinner, or gee how about all three, plus that homemade cheese cake. Forty five extra pounds, type II diabetes, and re flux have had their way with me. Enough is enough. I found a picture on line of a friend and his wife from the past. Holy cow do they look amazing. So of course got my attention and I had to know what in the world was their secret. No secret, just good science and medicine and guess what an honest to goodness plan. No Chaos, no who knows whats next, but a very well thought out and practiced way to fuel this body. So for today at least down 7 pounds and 7 inches, weigh in is tomorrow. Easy and painless really, and everything is figured out for me. No wondering what next, how much, or when, the perfect solution at this point in time for me and my addiction to eating.

It has been a new form of spiritual practice. Breathing, drinking, mindfully eating even the smallest of fuelings, somewhere around 100 calories 5 times a day. Chew each bite at least 10 times usually more. Notice that water as it slides coolly down my throat. Take my time. The biggest thing I do is pick out 5 fuelings and then cook a lean and green dinner. Pretty darn easy if you ask me. So this new eating practice has also encouraged me to make my daily spiritual practices as easy as my eating. I have a practice for each day of the week, and then my plan is to share my practices with you each evening. Lets see how this all shakes out. Buen Camino and Aho

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